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It is said that we are now in the future, this is the future we have all been talking about. Some expert says if you look around you nothing new is being innovated only advancements in what has been already invented in the past most especially technology. The world has evolved and drastically improving, science is changing the way we live our lives, to make it smarter day in day out. Even though you and I are not actually or actively doing something in particular that can change the world, some group of people have dedicated their lives in making this world a better place ? Like I have rightly said that you can hardly see complete new innovation only improvements. The cars we drive has advanced to the level by which we don’t even need to fuel them, (electric cars) they run with electricity, look at our smart phones today compared to 10 years ago, our houses are now smarter than ever and of course it will continue to improve. And so on like that. What is the point of saying all these when conspicuously you’re reading this for top 10 useful Online Shopping Tips. Wait a minute, we are coming there soon.

We tend to do things the old way without knowing that there are new and easy ways to do things faster and better. Kudos to everyone who’s working so hard to make our daily activities easier. There are new techniques and technology in which you can add to the way you shop to make life easier for you, some of which you will be surprised they existed and you wonder how on earth you didn’t know they did. Now I’m about you give you 10 Online Shopping Tips that would be useful for you in your next shopping.

1. Listing: I know you are thinking who doesn’t know they need to list what they need to buy. Well! You know doesn’t mean everyone else does, and do you also think when you list you list the right way? If you want an answer to that question well you need to continue reading because a lot of shoppers doesn’t know how to list items they need to purchase. When you have to list what you need to buy you list them before you exhaust the one you are currently using. I believe you don’t want to exhaust yours and end up having to ask your neighbors for that particular thing. It’s a bad habit if you’re used to it, you need to stop because it is embarrassing. So when you list make use of your smart phone and a sheet of paper. The reason is that you may end up exhausting your battery forgetting you have some information to reference maybe when coming back from work is the time you fixed for shopping. Your piece of paper would serve the purpose. If you also lost the paper your phone can be of help as well. If you’re not a good crammer please ensure one of those options is available if not you will transfer the aggression to someone when you get home.

2. Buy extra: Buying extra of everything may be a little bit expensive because you will end up spending twice the actual amount you are suppose to spend. You might see no reason for buying extra of everything or some of the things you went to buy but I will tell you. How would you feel if you have gotten what you need but someone very dear and important to you had to visit, we they do they saw one of those things and requested you to gift it to them, but you need it too, and at the same time you can’t refuse. Now you will have to go back for shopping purposely because of that one thing and I think it would be frustrating don’t you? There are many scenarios but I think one is enough for now. But trust me, buy extra of everything would result in nothing but joy, after all if nobody comes for it you can make use of it for yourself and you won’t have to frequent go for shopping. If shopping is your hobby then this Online Shopping Tip not for you, lol.

3. Use technology: I told you earlier that there are things some people might not know existed. Consider yourself lucky if you have not heard about C-pen for reading this useful article. C-pen is a device that allows you to scan the bar code of the product you want to buy. Once it is scanned it will send the information to amazon and your goods will be delivered to your door step. Remember I told you we are living in a smarter world now. Every shopping mall may not have this service but I’m sure in the nearest future we would be able to do so many things without leaving our houses including shopping. If you are the busy type and or tech lover you need to make yourself informed about the latest technology for shopping and if you are the type who takes shopping as an hobby our newly invented technology is not for you. Stick to your old school fashion.

4. Change taste: Don’t be addicted to a particular product. Some product are better than the old one you are used to. New products would always find the weakness of the existing product so they are likely to be better. Don’t be conservative, try new things, have new experience, try new taste and save that sensation of taking your best product. If you are too found of a particular product you may end up hating it. I advice you to keep the suspense for some time before trying it again. You will feel on top of the world. Besides that, when you buy new products it helps them survive, acknowledge their efforts with a purchase they might end up being your favorite product.

5. Search for new products: Before going out to shop you may want to check if there’s a new product. Although we have talked about changing tastes but yet you need to know whether new products are available or not. New products might me a way of saving extra change. New business are looking for ways to acquire customers so there might be “Today Online Offer” on the internet. They may offer discount for purchasing their products as their “today’s online offer” program. So search the internet for “Today Offer” each time you want to shop. It saves you some money.

6. Online Shopping: Online shopping today has become a trend that happens across the world, it changes they way we shop by bringing comfort but when shopping one you might want to cultivate the habit of buying products without always searching for “Online Shopping India Offers Today”, “Today Online Offer”, “Today Offer” or something of that nature, you have to be watchful and don’t make it a habit. You might turn out becoming stingy as you will not want to buy from a company that is not offering you anything for your patronage.

7. Shop alone: Although having company might be good but it can also hurt or affect your shopping habits. If you have a bad shopper as your partner for shopping I promise you will end up buying things you never wanted to buy because you feel they are useless. Some partner have the gift of convincing you to buy things that you don’t need, they will end up being the owner because of course it’s useless for you so you will dash it out.

8. Shop more physically than online: Online shopping will make you a lazy person, so get up and have a long trek to that far shopping mall. This would be beneficial for you and your body, it will make you feel fit. Exercise is good and very important for everyone. While visiting a mall you will meet new people and expand your social life.

9. Eat less or not before shopping: How irritating is it to be interrupted by having to use the rest room. It is very disgusting to me to have to resume shopping after passing out some shit. If you eat too much before going you might not be able to eat that favorite snack and drink of yours you bought before coming back home. Food is most delicious when you are damn so hungry.

10. Don’t Be petty : Yeah! I mean don’t be a petty thieves. Don’t take anything without paying for it. A lot of people do it but I don’t know why. Most of the time you end up stealing what you can ordinarily afford, they are small and can be easily stolen and hidden without the camera noticing. What’s the point of stealing what you can afford? In the end you will embarrass yourself when caught.


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